Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TV Style: Gossip Girl

You know I love Gossip Girl. And you know I love the insanely awesome style they all have. Particularly, I love it when they get preppy.

One of my daydreams about going to prep school involves the uniforms. I always picture student after student personalizing their uniform: fraying the edges, wearing their tie a certain way, going crazy with accessories. It's probably unrealistic, but hey, it's a daydream!

Anyway, this is why I loved Jenny's first-day-of-school outfit: she's playing on the pleated-skirt-and-blazer look with her cute shorts and rad vest; she's got her tie, but she's layered it with a bunch of necklaces and she's wearing aviators, one of the official sunglasses of cool. It's like my prep-school uniform daydream come to life!


amy b. said...

I am Chuck Bass.