Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cover Loving

There's a new Project Runway-alike on Bravo right now - Work of Art. It's pretty much the regular formula: robotic host, charming mentor, challenges that involve the show's sponsors somehow.

Typically, the sponsor-driven challenges don't interest me, but I enjoyed this week's book cover challenge (brought to you by Penguin Books Deluxe Classics). One of the books featured was (of course) Pride and Prejudice; neither of the competitors produced anything worth mentioning, but the current Penguin cover art intrigued me:That gorgeousness steered me toward the Penguin website and this illustration:Dear Emily, your honor is restored. Fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo designed this fantastic Wuthering Heights cover, which fits the story perfectly - he even included the blustery-ness of the moors!

I'm so happy about these covers that I'll even include his update of the book notorious for driving young people away from studying literature in college*:*Based on anecdotal evidence culled from about 10-15 separate conversations in college.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Maren & Amy Comedy Minute

Text conversation proving that my sister is funnier than me:

Me: Bra shopping sucks. There's a bra that offers an airlift. As though my boobs need the last helicopter out of vietnam or something.
Oh also apparently we all need bras that we can wear 12 different ways now.
And finally apparently we need a special bra to wear with t shirts. I hate products marketed toward women.

Amy: I hate shopping at stores for 'plus sized' women. Apparently since i'm fat, i'm a DIVA!

See how I use a million words to prove my point and Amy just gets in there and gets the funny done?