Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cover Loving

There's a new Project Runway-alike on Bravo right now - Work of Art. It's pretty much the regular formula: robotic host, charming mentor, challenges that involve the show's sponsors somehow.

Typically, the sponsor-driven challenges don't interest me, but I enjoyed this week's book cover challenge (brought to you by Penguin Books Deluxe Classics). One of the books featured was (of course) Pride and Prejudice; neither of the competitors produced anything worth mentioning, but the current Penguin cover art intrigued me:That gorgeousness steered me toward the Penguin website and this illustration:Dear Emily, your honor is restored. Fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo designed this fantastic Wuthering Heights cover, which fits the story perfectly - he even included the blustery-ness of the moors!

I'm so happy about these covers that I'll even include his update of the book notorious for driving young people away from studying literature in college*:*Based on anecdotal evidence culled from about 10-15 separate conversations in college.