Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cover Judging: American Heroes, Against All Odds

Happy 3rd of July! In honor of the upcoming holiday, we're leaving the highlanders and lairds in their dark Scottish castles and heading home to the States. I feel quite happy to introduce you to some real American Heroes:This series was published in the late 80s-early 90s and included an American Hero from each state. (see here to view all the covers)

Unfortunately, the series is out-of-print, so I'm unable to view the back covers and give a full Cover Judging. So we'll have to go with supposition.

From the Colonies:For me, it's a tough decision between Delaware and Maryland. Delaware, he looks like he could drop some Derrida in conversation, yet still seem unpretentious and kind. But Maryland, he looks as though he's overcoming the loss of someone special and needs some extra care so he can love again; also, the sweater. I don't know. These New England guys, I tell you.

Some Southern Gentlemen:Oh, hands down it's Louisiana. Somewhere in his plantation, I'm in my suite, making a dress out of curtains and having my maid pull my corset tighter.

For our more modern fellas, I find that Missouri has a soulful gaze and perhaps a troubled past. Perhaps he's a policeman who recently lost his partner in a shoot-out and if he'd only shot the bad guy half a second sooner, his partner would still be alive. And he really misses ol' Smitty and needs to talk it through. I'm there for him.

Corn-Fed Midwesterners:You know I'm picking Nebraska. Open-collar shirt, blazer, book in hand in his library - what's not to love?

Some Wild Westerners:I have to go with the hometown boy - Mr. Utah is rocking the tight-jeaned, possible paleontologist look quite well.

West Coast/Pacific Island Represent:Do you think that they might be the same guy, only the cover designer darkened California Guy's hair? They're posed nearly identically. Evidently, living near the Pacific Ocean means one throws one's shirt/jacket over the shoulder casually at all times.

And finally, my very most favorite, Mr. New Jersey:
Who doesn't love a man with a baby?

Hooray for America!


Lord Admiral said...

Poor Kansas, with his awesome waistcoat and mustache. Losing out to some slouching, clean-cut guy breaking a book's spine must really suck.

Maren said...

It is a most excellent mustache.