Cover Judging

Because I believe in judging a book by its cover, I found myself joking about "grocery store books" with my fellow library employees. After a few months, I developed a system called Cover Judging. In it, I discuss the merits of romance novel covers, awarding each cover points for ridiculous photos, titles, and all-around over-the-topness.

Here are the awards these book covers may receive:
The Golden Fabio - for true excellence in romance covers; finalists receiving this award exhibit a dedication to craft and a willingness to go above and beyond mere requirements.
The Silver Deveraux - for technical and creative proficiency in the craft of romance covers; finalists exhibit a keen understanding of the elements required of a successful cover.
The Bronze Feather - for a basic understanding of romance covers; finalists receiving this award may excel in one area, but need work in others.
and finally . . .
The Steele Pendant - for those finalists exhibiting a disregard for the art of the romance cover; those receiving this dishonor have abandoned true passion and are merely follow formula for the purpose of book sales.

With that introduction, please enjoy my Cover Judging!