Hiya! I'm Maren.
I'm 26 years old (getting older every day) and I live in northern Utah.  I am your friendly neighborhood pre-librarian (I'm starting library school next year). I like to read, of course.  I like to write short things, like blog posts.  One day, I might write something amazing, like a novel. I'm slowly converting to using a single space after each sentence.
I'm also very crafty, in both senses of the word.  Mostly in the making-things sense, though. I go through phases, but right now sewing is my favorite. It was knitting six months ago. Six months from now, I hope it will be something crazy, like tatting.
I like old movies and vintage clothes, though I'm not a "vintage life-style"-er. I am, however, jealous of people that go to the Gatsby Afternoon (though I wonder if it ends in homicidal car crashes or pool-side shootings like the novel. Oh, 90-year-old spoiler alert).
My blog started as a companion to my old Etsy shop (now defunct), which was devoted to a personal fashion icon: Iona from Pretty in Pink, whose style changed every day, sometimes modern, sometimes vintage.

Now, my blog is a mish-mash of things I love: reading, my job at the library (yes, I love my job!), sewing, knitting, food, my family. I hope you enjoy reading - please subscribe if you find me at all entertaining!
xoxo, Maren