Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Report: The Luxe Style Edition

Awhile ago, I posted my thoughts about the great brain candy series The Luxe. The final book in the series came out a couple weeks ago and it was everything I hoped it would be: dramatic and romantic with lots of fabulous hats. Plus, Splendor has maybe my favorite cover of the series:
Gorgeous, right? I love the lavender and the sparkly appliques - and our cover girl is Diana, who is my favorite character.

So, here are a few gorgeous items, in honor of the fab New York socialites of 1900:

1. Necklace by Kay Adams, $945 at
2. Ring by Happy Max Designs, $16 at
3. Lavender Dress from theVINTAGEdress, $65 at
4. Red Poppy evening gown by rubypearl, $725 at
5. Rhinestone and pearl necklace by luxedeluxe, $128 at
6. Large gold bonnet by Natalilouise, $400 at
7. Midnight black fascinator by Natalilouise, $300 at