Thursday, January 20, 2011

We were sewing along . . .

My sewing machine's first outing: the Swing Dress Sew-Along, hosted by Casey at Elegant Musings!

I've wanted to do a sew-along for a few months and this seemed like a perfect opportunity: the pattern is relatively straightforward, but versatile (hooray for multiple uses!) and Casey is one of my favorite vintage sewing bloggers!

I had a hard time deciding between a solid wool and a cotton floral, but my springtime wishful thinking won out: 

It's a more modern-looking floral, but I like the contrast with the vintage-style pattern.  Ordering fabric online is a bit stressful because you can't see how sheer a fabric is or how the print might look on a larger-scale item.  It's better than the alternative, though (Joann's poly-blend), so fingers crossed that it's the right fabric for the dress!

Anyway, I'm excited to get sewing and I'll probably post a few progress pictures in the next few weeks or so.