Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A semi-comprehensive catalogue of clothing similar to Bridgit Mendler's in Lemonade Mouth

Someone asked me for help in finding reasonable facsimiles of Bridgit Mendler's outfits in Lemonade Mouth, a style I admired a few days ago. Always willing to help (especially after work, when all I want to do is stare at the computer screen for awhile), I perused several "cheap chic" retailers (H&M, forever21, Urban Outfitters, and Topshop) and came up with the following:

Cooperative sweetheart neckline dress
$59 - urbanoutfitters.com
Forever21 empire waist dress
$16 - canada.forever21.com
H m cardigan
15 GBP - hm.com
TopShop knit cardigan
$64 - topshop.com
Forever21 crochet vest
$18 - forever21.com
TopShop full skirt
$70 - topshop.com
Forever21 stretchy bracelet
$6.80 - forever21.com
Forever21 stretchy bracelet
$6.80 - forever21.com
TopShop white bracelet
$25 - topshop.com
Heart shaped necklace
$17 - modcloth.com

Hope that helps some!
xoxo, Maren


Nikki said...

I absolutely loved the outfits in this movie! one of the dresses he wore, is from H&m! the black/white one she wore somewhere at the end of the movie. Seriously, I HAVE to have it now! x

Alicia said...

This collage is gorgeous, what a great items! I love making collages too :)