Monday, March 2, 2009

TV Style: Privileged

There's a cute little show on the CW called Privileged. It's about a Yale-graduate who has been hired to tutor a set of obscenely wealthy twins and finds herself swept away in a world of privilege and money, blah blah blah. It probably won't be renewed, so I thought I'd memorialize its fun style.

The show's tone is really sweet and light and so is the fashion. The main character, Megan, wears cute cardigan-and-jeans outfits, while the twins get to wear some seriously stylish clothes. The season finale features a wedding, so the girls get to dress their best.

Here's my favorite outfit, worn by Lucy Hale, who plays Rose:

I love the girly floral print with the pleated structure - so adorable! The 2009 Resort collections had several dresses using this super-cute combination:

I am so in love with this trend - it's girly great!


Duni said...

I love girly! I haven't heard of this TV show, but now I'm curious. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics!

have a nice day,