Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things That are Awesome, edition 1

When I was but a young girl, I grew to love reading, thanks in no small part to The Baby-Sitter's Club. Not only did it chronicle life as a teenager (something I couldn't wait to become), but it described in minute detail the outfits of one Stacy McGill (the chic, New York babysitter) and her BFF Claudia Kishi (the junk-food loving, artsy babysitter). Here's a sample of the descriptions that caught my imagination as a seven-year-old:

Of Stacy McGill (she of the heart-dotted i):

She had pulled her blonde permed hair back into a complicated braid threaded with green ribbon. The ribbon matched her shoes. She was wearing silver capri pants, an oversized shirt with a green belt, a green checked short skirt, and gold leaf-shaped earrings."

And not to forget the fabulous, creative, inspiring Claud:
[Claudia's] eye for color and style shows in the way she dresses. It's always distinctive and funky. Today she was wearing purple-and-white-striped tights, Doc Martins [sic] (except she'd taken them off to sit on the bed), a short black ruffly skirt that looked like it was part of a women's Olympics figure-skater's costume, a purple cropped sweater with silver button covers on the back buttons, and a scrunchy black velvet hat decorated with purple and red velvet flowers."

How can you not love that? (I'm not the only one who's in love with Claud's style - check out what claudia wore, a pretty rad blog inspired by Claudia Kishi)

Anyway, this wave of nostalgia came about when a book was turned in at the library today: Kristy's Great Idea, the graphic novel. Seriously? There is nothing more awesome.