Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trying something new . . .

Last week, I found this book at the library. Since then, I've been obsessed with it!

The Artful Ribbon is a how-to on making those gorgeous ribbon roses that fancy ladies used to wear on their hats. It's written very clearly and is extremely useful. . . but the best part is the pictures. Amazing vintage florals adorn the pages, making me wish I was an old-timey fancy lady even more than I already do! Seriously, look at these:

Gorgeous, right?

I'm having a grand old time learning how to make these flowers - trying something new is really exciting and just what I needed to get my creativity going again! Here's my first attempt:


Mayclark said...

hey! it looks really nice!!!

I read the post u wrote about mary quant! and... I really liked it!
can I add u to my net?

oh sorry.. My name is nat n I'm a film n make up student from argentina... so.. everything related with fashion and art and else I absolutley love it!

so.. well.. I just thoght of letting u know how nice thouse roses were

take care!

ps:mmm yeah.. my blog is in spanish but.. nothing really important is in it lol