Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TV Style: So You Think You Can Dance, episode 8

It's no surprise that I love So You Think You Can Dance: it's colorful, frothy summer fun. So far this season, the dancing has been great - already, there are a few routines that stick out as being great.

Last week, in particular, Kayla and Max danced a pop jazz routine that was SO cool and SO stylish (go here to see video). The movement was so angular and sharp - combined with a 1920s-ish Russian glamor - that it almost seemed like they were old-timey marionettes. Basically, it was a dance that was made for me to obsess over.

A lot of times, the costuming on SYTYCD is a little silly or obvious, but I was in love with the crazy ballerina look they gave Kayla:

It's got every possible embellishment - feathers, tulle, beading, ruffles, flowers - done in total in-your-face bright colors and it should be totally tacky. Instead, it's completely perfect - she looks like a ballerina who maybe spends a little time in the speakeasy downtown.