Friday, June 26, 2009

TV Style: So You Think You Can Dance, episode 10

I had a hard time choosing my favorite costume on So You Think You Can Dance this week - between Melissa's amazing drapy ballroom outfit, Jeanine's adorable 40s getup, and Cat's fabulous tribute to Farrah Fawcett, it's a photo-finish within miliseconds. Since I can't pick, I think I'll just list them for your enjoyment, in no particular order:

So far, Melissa and Ade are my favorite couple. They both exude a quiet confidence, which makes it really easy to root for them. This week they did the rhumba; I love it when the contestants get a ballroom category because it really seems to showcase their partnership as a whole - if one person struggles, they both struggle.

Also, it brings out the crazy-awesome ballroom costumes that aim to be over-the-top, sparkly concotions of fabulousness. And that's what Melissa got this week:
It's completely crazy - a copper-colored bikini underneath a sparkly copper toga-thing - yet it's completely amazing, too. It has no real-world style application - it's just amazing for what it is, a fab ballroom costume.

In contrast, I would wear Jeanine's cute 40s dress today if I could:

She and Phillip did a fun dance inspired by the too-great-for-words movie, Singin' in the Rain (no video b/c sound is disabled on all clips I found, copyright reasons or something). Not only did Jeanine get to wear a sweet little lavender dress, but she got to rogue her lips and pin up her hair like a war bride waiting for her man to come home. The whole look was just adorable - it would have been my favorite if Melissa's dress hadn't existed on the same show.

And finally, Miss Cat Deeley, the most adorable show host in all the world. She's just so sweet and seems to have just a bit of the geek in her - I totally want to be her best friend. Along with her hosting duties, Cat gets to wear crazy things that only a tall, blonde dance competetion host can get away with.

This week, she got away with a Hawaiin-print, halter-neck jumpsuit.

Normally, I consider jumpsuits part of the fashion industry's masterplan to dress middle America in unflattering things for their own amusement. However, Cat is an exception - she is the kind of person who can wear something so silly, yet still look amazing. Also, I love that they feathered her hair - intentional or not, her whole look seemed a tribute to Farrah Fawcett's fresh-faced beauty from the 70s.