Thursday, July 23, 2009

TV Style: So You Think You Can Dance, Top 8

This week was kind of short on cool costumes, but it was heavy on amazing dancing - which is what the show is about, no matter how much I pretend otherwise.

Everyone's probably talking about Tyce Diorio's choreography for Melissa and Ade, about a woman with cancer; it was a beautiful dance that deserved the praise it received. It was probably the best dance of the night, but there were several really amazing "second places":
  • Brandon and Jeanine's "Battlefield" pop jazz was awesome, with it's precise, big movement - I'm excited to see more from the choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson
  • Evan and Janette did a jazz number by the reliably awesome Sonya Tayeh - it had a few dead-drops in it that were pretty jaw-dropping. The song was pretty great, too ("Move" by CSS).
  • Jason and Kayla did a fun Shane Sparks hip-hop zombie dance - I'm wondering if Shane choreographed this for the MJ tribute that didn't work out (poor form, Sony, not giving out the music rights). Anyway, it was a really great routine and J&K seemed to have a lot of fun getting into the dance.
  • I nearly forgot to mention the AWESOME opening group number, choreographed by Travis Wall. It was super-duper awesome, with the shiny, futuristic costumes that lit up like it was a rave in 1997.
As far as costumes . . .

I loved the flappery look of Kayla's gold dress for her Broadway number with Jason. The cut is really interesting and I liked the mix of gold and black fringe on the skirt.

Jeanine and Brandon - waltz:

The costuming department hasn't disappointed me yet with their collection of ballroomy waltz dresses - Jeanine's lovely yellow frock included. It's such a gorgeous color and it suited her perfectly! (Being a pale blonde, I can't really get away with yellow, so I'm jealous!)

And finally, the Strictly Ballroom costume award for this week goes to Melissa and Ade's cha-cha get-ups:
So very much fringe.

And now, What Cat Wore

Cat looked great this week in her rad gold halter dress - the draping (Project Runway word!) on the skirt was fab! Her shoes - also gold - were fabulous. I wish I had a reason to own a pair of embellished spiky heels like that! Our girl was really working the slicked-back ponytail, too. I like that they kept her hair/makeup simple and natural - it played well with the more dramatic metallic of her frock. Another winner!