Thursday, July 9, 2009

TV Style: So You Think You Can Dance, episode 14

It was double the dances last night, which means double the costumes (yay!)!

There were so many great performances, but I thought Jeanette and Brandon really stood out this week. Their first dance was the Argentine tango, which was fantastic - they really had the attitude down and Jeanette's footwork was amazing. Their second dance closed out the night - it was choreographed by my favorite, Wade Robson, and it was about jewel thiefs:

I loved this dance - Wade described the movement as cartoony, and it was cartoony in the best way. There was a lot of exaggerated tip-toeing and herky-jerky movements - it was so stylish! And that brings me to the costume: it was perfect! I loved the mod look - white sunglasses, striped shirt, high-waisted pants. It was completely adorable . . . I wouldn't mind owning that shirt, with it's cute black ruffle around the collar.

Melissa and Ade have been my favorite couple from the beginning - they did really well last night. One of their dances was a waltz, which had one of my favorite dresses of the night:

I liked that this dress was cut a bit looser - it made it more flowy while Melissa danced. Plus, the detail at the shoulder was beautiful: silk rosettes with a long trail of fabric streaming down. It was really the perfect dress for a waltz.

Last one: Kayla and Kupono did a love-at-first sight Broadway dance, inspired by West Side Story. I loved Kayla's dress:

The pink floral is so cute, but the layered crinoline makes it. It was so cute and flippy whenever Kayla did a kick or turn.

And finally . . .

What Cat Wore

Our girl was pretty subdued this week, but pretty nonetheless. Cat was really rocking the 1940s glam look - the bows at her sleeves were sweet but still elegant and the cut of the dress was lovely. I loved her sparkly accessories - this picture doesn't show it, but her hair was pinned up all fancy with a cool filligreed floral hair clip. Her hair was my favorite part of the whole look, with the pin-curl waves in front and the classy 40's updo in the back. Cat looked gorgeous, as usual!