Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping camping

This year, my family reunion was held at the Heber Valley Camp. For most the summer, HVC is a Girl's Camp, complete with wooden bunks and a lake you can't swim in. But, for the last three weeks in August, it's open for family reunions, retreats, ect.

It's the only kind of camping I tolerate well: the kind with indoor plumbing, electricity, and beds. Often, I think that my surroundings are wasted on me - mountains everywhere, but I don't hike very often; rivers all over, but I don't fish or kayak; purportedly the greatest snow on Earth, but I don't ski. I need to work on the whole living in Utah and being outdoorsy thing. . .

One of the more fun things we did was a challenge course, which involved climbing a pole, walking across a log, and going down a zip line.

I was fine with it until I got to the zip line part - that was when I looked down and realized I was twenty feet in the air. It took me a minute, but I finally jumped!

It was fun - even my grandma decided to do it in the end! (I have a cool grandma, BTW)

We had a western themed activity night, which was really fun. Everyone dressed up in silly Western clothes.
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We had a relay race involving sunflower seed-spitting, roping, and shooting a water gun. Then we had chili for dinner, naturally.

All things considered, it was a pretty good family re-u. It was good to see everyone together and we all had some good laughs by the fire. Hooray for my awesome family!