Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lots of Fail!

Mostly, my headband pictures are pretty boring: either I'm in front of some greenery or I'm standing by the house. They work, generally - they illustrate what my headbands look like on a human head (that sounded weirder than I meant it), which is really the whole point.

But sometimes I want to do something different - and that's where the FAIL comes in! Here are a few of my sorry attempts at making my model photos more interesting:

"Hi, just thought I'd wear my best dress to sit on this old trunk in the garage."

Staring disaffectedly while the sprinkler meter does its thing really sells the headband, no?

I put "Claire de lune" in the background in hopes of suckering Twilight-lovers into buying my headband.

Nominated for Most MySpacey.

I just want to hear this unripe blackberry's story and all anyone's interested in is my headband.
*Why did I think this one would work??*