Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cover Judging - Prince of Swords

It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that this cover inspired me to finally begin this feature. I'm always thrilled to find a great cover, but I can't describe the ebullience I felt when I spotted this gem as I gathered the book drop. It came with two brother books, Prince of Fire and Prince of Magic, each worthy covers in their own right. But, by my own estimation, the Prince of Swords far surpassed its brothers:
Title: Prince of Swords - a bit too straightforward to yield any major points. Half credit. Score: 2.5/5

First Glance: The picture really checks all the boxes - strong jaw and well-cut cheeckbones, piercing stare, finely-structured physique coated in oil, intricately-carved sword at the ready. The swirly background suggests that magic may be involved somehow. Score: 4.5/5

Tag Line: "To fulfill a prophecy, she will have to seduce him . . ." - - For me, the tag line really pushed this cover over the edge and into the sublime. Of course that's what has to happen. Of course. Score: 6/5

Back-of-the-Book: ". . . a shackled virgin must choose between the monster she knows and a sexy stranger who could spell doom-or help her fulfill the Prophecy of the Firstborn." - - I'm awarding points for the following phrases: "shackled virgin" and "a sexy stranger who could spell doom." Excellent descriptive language that really gives the reader a feel for the tone of the story. Score: 4/5

Final score: 17/20 I'm awarding this the Silver Deveraux, for excellence in un-ironic over-the-top drama. Just missed qualifying for the Golden Fabio, but a truly worthy, hilariously cheesy contender. Godspeed, Prince of Swords.


Quirks said...

That looks hilarious! :D