Monday, September 7, 2009

Things that are great

A friend and I toured an old church building today and found a room dedicated to magazine storage. There were church magazines from 1935 on, complete with ads! Here is our favorite, from a 1942 issue of the Relief Society magazine:

"It's in you, the women of America, where lies the courage of humanity. It's in your serene confidence, your steadfast love, your spontaneous laughter. It's in your pride of looking lovely every hour of the day.

So to a more beautiful you, guiding star for the man you love, we present fashions for a gallant spring . . . styled with exquisite simplicity and subtle flattery, styled with your busy, busy life in mind.

See these fashion at ZCMI, where emphasis is on high quality, durability, and all-occasion versatility. Assure yourself of these qualifications in everything you buy."

Old ads are so fascinating to me - they're such an inverse of ads today. Now, we get a good picture with a short, catchy phrase; old-timey ads seem to focus less on the picture than the paragraphs of charming text underneath.

I really, really love it - that woman does seem as though she prides herself on looking lovely every hour of the day and clearly, her beauty is a guiding star for the man she loves.