Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Photo Challenge: Bad habits, trucks, and sunsets

This week's most challenging was the bad habit picture: I'd thought I might buy a bunch of candy and photograph it, but then I'd end up eating all of it; I couldn't figure out how to show my nose-scrunching to adjust glasses habit. It took me until 10:30 to decide on zit-picking, a not-at-all gross picture.

The one I like best is the childhood memory picture of the library. It's not the world's best picture (it's pretty boring, actually), but ever since I've applied to grad school, I've realized how much I was affected by all those childhood library trips. All of the library books I read as a kid led me to being the dorky English major I was in college and the librarian-in-training I hope to be soon. Cheesy, but true. :)