Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another DI find post

In which I display the remainder of my vintage pattern haul:
probably mid-1950s
McCall's 4344: This is the illustration from the instructions - I couldn't find the cover picture anywhere. I probably won't make this dress - I've nowhere to wear it! - but it's such a classic 50s silhouette that I had to buy it.
probably mid-1950s
Simplicity 1934: So cute! It's another classic 50s dress: "styled with softly pleated skirt, wide neckline and collar and short kimono type sleeves. V. 2 dress is gayly trimmed with rick rack." I love the pattern descriptions, they're so sweet! Also love: the coat. It's fab, especially the collar. I've never made a coat before, but this doesn't look too difficult.probably late 1950s
Simplicity 3782: The final 50s dress - this one might be early 60s, with the ruffled sleeves and fab hairstyle model #1 is sporting. The band around the skirt of dress #1 is super cute and I love the sweet collar and bow from dress #3.
probably early 1960s
Butterick 2748: Total Jackie look - model B even has the haircut. A girl can always use a good pencil skirt pattern, so I picked up this one.

And, as promised, the Gidgit-style swimsuit:
pattern copyright 1963
McCall's 6817: I had to get this! I'm a huge fan of vintage swimsuits and I love the idea of a belted swimsuit. The neckline and straps are so cute, too - love the buttons! If I make it, I might make the shorts a bit shorter, but not much. Also, I love that this pattern includes a skirt to wear over the suit - it's a great basic skirt pattern that I'll be using soon. This is definitely one of my favorites of the lot!