Saturday, August 28, 2010

Late September dreaming.

I'm looking forward to sweater weather - August is usually the time I start daydreaming of crisp autumn wind and multi-colored foliage. I'm working on a sweater right now (it'll be up on Ravelry soon!). In the meantime, enjoy these adorable sweaters, found in vintage '40s knitting patterns from Iva Rose. I love all the little bow accents on these sweaters! I also love the belted sweaters - especially the double-belted sweater on the bottom. It's such a cute, feminine look.

The pink shoes are a pair I missed out on, but I saved the listing because they are so inspiring to me. I think they're 60s, because they look kinda mod (my favorite!). They're just so simple yet so girly, which is my favorite style always!