Monday, August 30, 2010

DI find of the week!

Trips to the DI (Utah's Goodwill) are a good Monday adventure. Sometimes I go through the whole women's clothing section or I browse through the records and books. But Deseret Industries Adventures always include three stops: the dress section, the furniture section, and the sewing pattern section.

Most of the time, the patterns are from the 80s-early 90s, occasionally going back to the 70s. Rarely, I'll find a pattern or so from the 60s. But today, this day of days, someone cleared out their extensive collection of patterns - someone who probably owned a fabric store during the 40s and 50s!
pattern copyright 1948

Simplicity 7260: This might be my favorite, because it's so wearable. Just a simple dress with some cute detailing at the top - it's kind of summery, so I might need to wait until next year . . . unless I can find the perfect fall/winter fabric!

probably early or mid-1940s
Simplicity 2676: This one is in the most delicate condition - it's falling apart pretty badly and the pieces are traced copies of the originals. But I picked it up because I really like the top right dress - I'd do the skirt knee-length, but I'd leave the rest because I love the princess-seaming.
pattern copyright 1950
Simplicity 3215: I love a poufy skirt and I think all skirts and dresses need pockets. I couldn't leave this one on the shelf, even though it's missing the instructions. This one is pretty versatile, too: it would work with a summer or winter-weight fabric. I'm liking the separates option - the top is cute and the skirt is everything I love about skirts!

Most of the patterns came in manila envelopes, so I found the corresponding images at Vintage Pattern Wiki and glued them to the front of the pattern (Simplicity 2676 is my copy, though). In all honesty, I'm having fun just looking at them. Vintage pattern illustrations are so sweet!

I have several more, so look forward to those later - one is a Gidgit-style swimsuit!