Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool Blog Award!

So many style blogs feature pictures of unsmiling people commenting on their clothes.  I kind of want to ask them the question of 2008: Why so serious???

Advanced Style eludes this gray sense of seriousness.  It's a style blog with a purpose: teaching the young folks that confidence in style gets better with age.  

Following the conceit of the style blog, Advanced Style stops stylish people on the street and asks them about their look.  But they've broadened the age limit on style, featuring true gentlemen in hats and coats, glamorous ladies in black fur and plum-tinted specs , and classy couples that you want to adopt as grandparents.

Advanced Style began with admiration for "how awesome so many of New York's older men and women are styled."  Since August, it's expanded from New York and features examples of advanced style worldwide (Norway, Brazil, London, Tel Aviv, and Rome, to name a few!). 

I love the unique take on fashion offered at Advanced Style.  It's true aspirational style!


Aaron Brown said...

love your blog i will keep up you too!

kim* said...

elderly folks are so cute

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check them out.