Saturday, January 17, 2009

More to come, but for now . . .

I haven't written much (anything) this week, but I'm going to start up again today!

For now, I wanted to discuss my confusion/delight with the new web analytics feature on Etsy. I don't really understand most of the stats on Google Analytics, but I've sort of figured out a few vital things (page views, where traffic comes from, etc).

Anyway, I found out that I was featured on Your Heart Out, a cool design blog featuring Utah designers. It was way back in December, but it made sense because I sold the item featured to someone from Utah. So, thank you thank you thank you to Your Heart Out!

Even if you're not from Utah, you should check out Your Heart Out - it's a lovely blog with lots of fun items, ideas, and finds. I'm excited that I found it (even more excited that I was featured on it)!