Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cool Girl Award!

My very favorite style blog is the cherry blossom girl. It's written by a Parisian blogger/fashion school graduate named Alix who has the sweetest, girliest style in the world. Her photography is gorgeous, featuring some lovely places in Paris. Part of the reason I love this blog is because of the location - her lovely photos let me dream about wearing pretty dresses while I float about a sunny Parisian kitchen.

Her blog is arranged beautifully - she even has a specific page that catalogues her outfits by color and style! That may sound pretentious, but one of the great things about the cherry blossom girl is her sincerity - she genuinely loves getting dressed in the morning and wants to share the fun.

Many of Alix's entries center around a cool vintage find. When I read her entry about a pair of shoes she found, I felt bonded to her in some way because we each love our floral Doc Martens enough to take a picture of them.

Have a look at the cherry blossom girl - you might be inspired, too! :)


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely site! I checked out the cherry blossom girl blog and was so inspired!! Thank you for sharing. Also, you have very unique crafts! Look forward to seeing more of your talent! Fondly, ~Unfurling Flower~

Expressions By Devin said...

Your blog is super cute.Thanks for visiting mine!!!You make awesome and unique crafts!!!I am following you blog now!!!

hmstrjam said...

love this blog too, makes me want to be in Paris!

Frenzy23 said...

how pretty!
Her photography is what sells the blog, it's very effective.

Duni said...

the way you write about her, I just have to check out the site too. The image is beautiful.
Thanks for posting this!