Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is the first warmish, "springy" day we've had all year - a perfect Easter Sunday. I went to my parent's ward this morning - I really enjoyed the talks in church today and it was fun to see both my parents in the choir (yes, my mom finally succeeded in getting Dad to join the choir!).

I have to say, though, the lack of Easter bonnets was a bit of a disappointment. In my day as a Primary girl, we got fancied up on Easter! Here is me and my sister, Easter 1988:
I was a terrible ham when I was a kid (and, okay, I still am).

I don't remember this outfit, but I'm loving my dress. Gingham with a strawberry half-pinafore? Yes, please!  I love my sister's dress, too, with it's ice cream colors and tiny embroidered ice cream cone.  And, of course, most importantly, we are wearing hats!  Here we are, two years later:
Here, Amy (3) and I (5) are demonstrating that we are sooooooo big.
This is the Easter outfit I remember most: frilly and pastel with a fancy purse. I loved my Easter purse - it was the one time in the whole year that I got to bring crayons to church! (Even though I loved my pretty yellow purse, I was secretly jealous that my sister got the pink one!)

Hope your Easter was wonderful and filled with family, happiness, and love!