Saturday, April 23, 2011

TV Style: Lemonade Mouth

I am not above the Disney Channel.  I know I'm too old for it, but I will watch Wizards of Waverly Place like an obsessed 12-year-old.  Also, Disney Channel Original Movies.

Both places are were I found myself loving the way they dress Bridgit Mendler, a dimpled cutie-pie Disney Channel blonde.  I even bought a skirt similar to one she wore in Wizards of Waverly Place. I am 26 years old.
However, I did not buy the wings or vampire teeth.
In the newest Disney Channel Original Movie, Lemonade Mouth, I decided I covet her outfits.  They are so super-girly cute, in a dress-with-cowboy-boots kind of way.  Observe:

This was my favorite outfit from the movie.

 Seriously, super-cute, right? Is it wrong that I'm totally in love with the fashion on a Disney Channel Original Movie?


Anonymous said...

not at all!! i am in love with her outfits too!! is there any places you can think of that i can get bridget's dresses? ive looked at forever21, modcloth, and all the obvious places. help??

Anonymous said...

SAME HERE! I am so in love with her outfits! She is so cute and cool! Same as "Stella!" LOL! I want to wear those cute outfits too! --ANONSON

BrunoMarsIsAwesome said...

I think you can google it. Theres a certain dress that I think her name is Mo(its not Stella and not Bridgit) wears that I just cant find though.Ill google it though and if I can find where Ill come back and post it.

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy the clothes??????!!!!!!