Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That's what you get for making whoopie (pie)!

I'm an unashamed Top Chef lover - I even watch the Masters seasons.  More to the point, I watched the horror show that was Top Chef Just Desserts without diminishing my love for this series.  TC: Just Desserts was the kind of high emotional drama that TC: Original Recipe avoids.  Just Desserts left me with a greater appreciation for the original series and with a deep curiosity about "whoopie pies".

I had to google whoopie pie, which turns out to be what I know as "homemade Oreos," surely a Utah-phenism* - see post title for possible scandal.

*Other dessert-related Utah-phenism: Better Than [Robert Redford] Cake

I found a really straightforward recipe on the Omnomicon blog - it was perfect for this last Sunday, when we didn't have much in the house.  All you need are the basics: flour, cocoa, shortening (loads of shortening), milk, ect. 

I learned that it really helps if you have one of those neat-o cookie scooper things.  Otherwise, your cookies turn out like this:

HUGE!  They ended up being about 3-4" in diameter, instead of a dainty 1.5"!  To solve the size issue, I used a small glass as a guide and cut each cookie individually.
This is my scary "I have a knife!" face
The creme filling is crazy - half cup margarine, half cup shortening!  Some other things, too, but holy fattening delicious.
Yes, ladies, he's single!  My little brother, who helped with the cookie batter.

Finished product: turned out pretty yummy, but I only got through one - they are RICH!  I'll make them again, but only after I get a cookie scooper gadget thing.