Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pattern re-write: Simplicity 2250 lining

Pattern instructions are quite inscrutable sometimes. Often, looking at the diagrams works better than deciphering the instructions. Before I started sewing this last dress, I checked out pattern reviews to see if there were any tricks to it. Of the eight reviews, five mentioned problems with the lining; most just scrapped it and left the interlining as is.

So, for my pattern reviewing friends and any others who want to make Simplicity 2250, a brief lining tutorial:
*Note: I found the lining pattern was a bit short, so I added 2" to the bottom of each piece.

1. Pin straps to the front of the bodice. This ensures they won't get caught in the stitching accidentally (I'm not the only one who's done something like that, right?)

2. Flip over the casing so the raw edges are on the top. You'll only need a few pins to help it stay put.

3. Right sides together, line up bodice and lining. Make sure to match the centers! Stitch along seam allowance.

4. Optional - To top-stitch the lining, just turn your lining to the inside, keeping the main bodice pressed out. Stitch just below the new seam using small stitches.

And you're done! This is a pretty common lining technique - I used it on another dress, attaching the lining to the neckband facing. I have to say, I love linings - they make the finished garment feel so luxe and it just looks so professional. So happy linings to you, friends, til we meet again!


Shawnta said...

Thank you for your tutorial and review! I was feeling pretty defeated after reading all the reviews and I hadn't even started! lol your dress looks great!

Mickie said...

What are the dimensions for piece #11? I lost it and I really don't hink I'm experienced enough to eyeball it :s