Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool Site Award!

I was really excited when I saw the Google main page today - it's Jackson Pollock's birthday! 

What made me even happier was the very first link on the results page:!  I found this site several years ago when I was in a Creative Arts class - it's basically the coolest time-waster ever.  The page is blank when it loads, but if you move your mouse around, black paint drips all over.  The paint changes color when you click your mouse.  

I wasted quite a bit of time on this website when I was working at the library.  It's been awhile since I've played around with it, so I'm glad Google decided to honor my favorite post-modern painter today!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Treasury Fun, part six

It's been awhile since I've done a treasury - I just happened to be on Etsy today when Treasury West opened up.  

It's been very inversion-y here in Utah . . . every winter an icky grey fog kind of settles in and won't leave, it's gross.  So, I went will bright, happy looking items to cheer me (and maybe you!) up! Here's my Primary Brights treasury:
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More to come, but for now . . .

I haven't written much (anything) this week, but I'm going to start up again today!

For now, I wanted to discuss my confusion/delight with the new web analytics feature on Etsy. I don't really understand most of the stats on Google Analytics, but I've sort of figured out a few vital things (page views, where traffic comes from, etc).

Anyway, I found out that I was featured on Your Heart Out, a cool design blog featuring Utah designers. It was way back in December, but it made sense because I sold the item featured to someone from Utah. So, thank you thank you thank you to Your Heart Out!

Even if you're not from Utah, you should check out Your Heart Out - it's a lovely blog with lots of fun items, ideas, and finds. I'm excited that I found it (even more excited that I was featured on it)!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool Blog Award!

So many style blogs feature pictures of unsmiling people commenting on their clothes.  I kind of want to ask them the question of 2008: Why so serious???

Advanced Style eludes this gray sense of seriousness.  It's a style blog with a purpose: teaching the young folks that confidence in style gets better with age.  

Following the conceit of the style blog, Advanced Style stops stylish people on the street and asks them about their look.  But they've broadened the age limit on style, featuring true gentlemen in hats and coats, glamorous ladies in black fur and plum-tinted specs , and classy couples that you want to adopt as grandparents.

Advanced Style began with admiration for "how awesome so many of New York's older men and women are styled."  Since August, it's expanded from New York and features examples of advanced style worldwide (Norway, Brazil, London, Tel Aviv, and Rome, to name a few!). 

I love the unique take on fashion offered at Advanced Style.  It's true aspirational style!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Treasury Fun, part five

There's about a million treasuries up tonight. Mine is one of them...

Based on the lovely movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Inspiration Wall: Mary Quant

A few years ago, I did a presentation on "the mods" of 1960s London for my Modern British Literature class. Of everything I wrote, read, or presented in college, this was my very favorite assignment. I got to spend hours in the art book room, digging through gorgeous photo-books filled with pictures of the most stylish people ever.

I probably did a bit more research than necessary for a ten-minute presentation. I got to learn about all sorts of stylish mod designers, including the fantastic Mary Quant, the woman who popularized mini-skirts. Her aesthetic is very simple and tailored and completely gorgeous!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another sunny day . . . photo booth

Saturday was an exceptionally sunny day, especially for Northern Utah in January.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the icicles were falling at an alarming rate...

I took advantage of the sunlight and not-subzero temperature and took some pictures of me wearing my headbands.  Unfortunately, I don't have anyone who wants to be my photog, so I have to use the self-timer.  More unfortunate still, I am not a model and never know what to do with my face! 

These are some of the pictures I will not be using.  Oh, sigh.  There were quite a few that worked, though, so yay for that!  :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cool Girl Award!

My very favorite style blog is the cherry blossom girl. It's written by a Parisian blogger/fashion school graduate named Alix who has the sweetest, girliest style in the world. Her photography is gorgeous, featuring some lovely places in Paris. Part of the reason I love this blog is because of the location - her lovely photos let me dream about wearing pretty dresses while I float about a sunny Parisian kitchen.

Her blog is arranged beautifully - she even has a specific page that catalogues her outfits by color and style! That may sound pretentious, but one of the great things about the cherry blossom girl is her sincerity - she genuinely loves getting dressed in the morning and wants to share the fun.

Many of Alix's entries center around a cool vintage find. When I read her entry about a pair of shoes she found, I felt bonded to her in some way because we each love our floral Doc Martens enough to take a picture of them.

Have a look at the cherry blossom girl - you might be inspired, too! :)

New year, new things...

This week, my goal is to post a new design every single day (January 5-10). That's six new designs! Can I do it? I hope so!

Here's what I'm posting tomorrow - the Little purple pansy headband:
Look for it in my shop tomorrow!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Treasury Fun, part four

It's been so snowy for the past three weeks, I've hardly seen the sky at all! That's why I made this treasury... the Firefly lyrics made their way into my head while I searched for "sky blue." Enjoy!
Update: my treasury made it to the front page last night - yay! :)