Monday, December 29, 2008

Button, button

My mom's grandma was a tailor for many years, on top of being an award-winning quilter, excellent cook, and general industrious maker of many things. She taught my mom to sew and my mom taught me. When great-grandma passed away several years ago, Mom inherited all of her sewing supplies, including grandma's button collection:
I'm totally in love with every single button: I love the square coat buttons, the clear sparkly buttons, the minty pearl buttons, the black faceted buttons, the brown flower buttons, the thick blue buttons...

It's such a diverse collection that I hardly know where to start! I've got a few ideas, no worries, I just hope my designs do justice to the awesome lady who provided the materials.


Duni said...

I love buttons too...
I have a collection of vintage buttons, as well as a box of buttons I 'inherited' from my hubby's grandma when she passed away. I treasure them all!

Hope you have a wonderful and crafty New Year!