Monday, December 15, 2008

First post - my continuing adventures in creativity

I've had a creativity bug for awhile and have been crafting up a storm. I'm pretty excited about my little Etsy shop,, and decided to start writing about my adventures in creativity (I was an English major, after all).

A good starting place is probably my blog/shop's name - Iona's Closet. It's a name I've held dear since high school, when I decided I wanted to open a vintage store on the beach and name it after Iona from Pretty in Pink, my all-time favorite movie.

Although Andy's style is pretty great, too, I picked Iona because she has such a range of gorgeous vintage clothes. One day she's punky and the next, she's classic 40s. She's a little mod and then she's vintage-sweet. She never commits to a consistent style, but she fully commits to her look of the day.
The scene where Andy digs through Iona's closet and finds a prom dress is great, because it shows how extensive and kooky Iona's collection is - you can find a black rubber dress and a sweet 50s polka-dot dress in the same space!