Friday, December 26, 2008

Marley & Me

My family and I went to the matinee of Marley & Me on Christmas Day.  My dad and I have both read the book it's based on, so we thought we were prepared for the sadsadsad final scene.  
We weren't.  My entire family (Dad included) was sobbing when dear old Marley had to be put down.  We weren't alone, though: nearly ever person in the audience was crying, no exaggeration.  I've never heard that much sniffling in a theatre.  

The movie is exactly what the book was: a tribute to a beloved misbehaved dog.  If you're a dog person, make sure you bring tissues when you see it.
**This is my dear, dear childhood dog Toffee.  She had to go to the duck pond in the sky last summer and we all miss her very much.  She was the most special dog in all the world.