Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's a major award!

I logged in to Etsy today, not expecting many more views or hearts since it's Christmas Eve, and discovered that my neon Wallflower headband had over double the views it had yesterday. Qua? Scanned through the treasuries . . . not featured. Checked the gift guide and nothing. Maybe people are feeling charitable towards my little newly shop?

I credited good Christmas luck and decided to check the new featured seller on the front page. As I scrolled down the page, a flash of neon caught my eye - a Storque article by Featured Buyer ayatk, with her favorite neon-colored Etsy picks AND my little Wallflower headband was right on the side!
ayatk, alias Aya T. Kanai, is the senior fashion editor at Teen Vogue so I am hugely humbled by her comments: "Also would love to use this for a shoot. Such a great piece!"

You could probably knock me over with a neon-colored feather right now! I'm pretty happy - it's a huge compliment to be featured, especially as a new shop. Thank you thank you thank you to ayatk!

You can view my now-hearted shop at and see a few of my non-neon items, including the natural version of the Wallflower headband.


ceejay said...

Fabulous! What an honor. It's a very pretty piece!