Friday, December 26, 2008


Every Christmas, my family gets a new game. Last year, we got Carcassonne, which is a great game that causes loads of contention in our house (my sister, especially, gets very competitive when we play it). This year, I was hoping we'd get Ticket to Ride, a game we played with my aunts and uncles at Thanksgiving this year.

We didn't. Instead we got Qwirkle! Qwirkle! One more time, Qwirkle!
What a great name. It's really easy to learn - you match up colors and shapes and get points. It's easy enough for a young child to play, but it can be complicated enough for the Mensa Society. Plus, the colorful tiles are really fun! Here's some pictures of the game I won:
Maren: 154
Dad: 121
Amy: 98